THE MONGRELS: Saturday October 19th 2014, The St. Lawrence Tavern

Saturday night was my first time seeing the Mongrels. Doesn’t sound familiar? Well for any of you who are familiar with The Village Idiot, that record store with an impressive collection of used vinyl in Wortley Village, you’ll know the owner Robert.  The Mongrels is the band Robert is in with his friends.

We made it just in time for the second set at St. Regis Tavern- a seedy little dive bar with just the right atmosphere for a real rock band. The band played covers from the likes of Neil Young, the Hip and Velvet Underground (my personal favorite cover of the night).

To paraphrase the band, “We aren’t asking to be Billy Idol. We just want to cover our broken guitar strings…so put your money in the jug.”  That was sort of the style of the band- each seemed to have a huge appreciation for what music they were playing (knowing small details about each band) and just seemed happy to be playing for a small crowd made up of mostly friends and family.  The audience was just as happy to be there- many members  danced the night away.  Kudos goes out to the girl in the purple tulle skirt!  Great vibes, great location, great music.


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