Seven Weird Records You Wish Were in Your Collection

I want to talk rock and roll history.  Let’s look at the ground-breaking, earth-shattering and super weird.  Below, you’ll find seven of history’s kookiest vinyl.

Blue Blood Blues Triple Decker- The Dead Weather
Third Man Records
This record is the ultimate.  Jack White’s label announced the release of The Blue Blood Blues Triple Decker in 2010.  It is a twelve inch vinyl of Blue Blood Blues that when cracked open with a screwdriver or jack knife, contains a seven inch record inside with a hidden track on it.   We now know this track is called I Feel Strange.  Today the Triple Decker sells for almost $1000 Canadian.

Heady Fwends- The Flaming Lips
Record Store Day Release
The Flaming Lips take putting your blood, sweat and tears into your work to a whole new level with this vinyl which contained the blood of each band member as well as the blood of album collaborators Ke$ha, Nick Cave, Erykah Badu and Chris Martin.

Optica- Shout Out Loud
TBWA Stockholm
To release their single, Optica, the Swedish band, Shout Out Loud, turned to TBWA Stockholm to create something amazing- a record made of ice that can be played on a regular turn table.  Ten DIY kits were sent out to fans and it worked!

Years- Bartholomaus Traubeck
Tree Ring Vinyl
This isn’t a record that was created but I had to include it.  Is 2011, Bartholomaus Traubeck created a turntable that could play tree ring data and turn it into piano music.  How cool is that?

Hair Record- Reggie Watts
Third Man Records
Once again Third Man Records makes the list for random and weird vinyl.  This album by comedian Reggie Watts is made of the hair collected by Reggie at ten of his favourite barber shops.  As you can see in the video below, it doesn’t really play but this is a first in history. Gross, eh?

The Edible Chocolate Record- Peter Lardong
Chocolate records have actually been done by a few bands now but as far as I can tell through research, Peter Lardong was the first to be successful.  He also tried to do this with sausage and cheese to no avail.  Don’t like the songs? Just eat it.

Lazaretto ULTRA LP- Jack White
Third Man Records
When I made this list, I promised myself it wouldn’t be all Third Man Records but common- they’re leading the pack in off-the-wall vinyl.  This record is no exception.  It’s loaded with hidden gems.  There are two hidden tracks under the center label, one hidden track that plays at 78 RPM and one at 45 RPM (that’s three different speeds folks), dual groove technology that can start the song Just One Drink acoustically or electrically, a hand etched Hologram of an angel by Tristan Duke that floats above the record and a lot more technically cool things you can read about here.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Third Man Liquid Filled Record, Third Man Records World’s Fastest Record

Know a cool vinyl I missed? Tell me about it below!


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