The Glorious Sons, December 3rd 2016,Waterloo ON.

For me, the performance by The Glorious Sons at Maxwells was amazing and also a huge sigh of relief.  I saw them back at KEE to Bala this summer, and while the show was completely amazing, you couldn’t help but worry about how intoxicated the lead singer, Brett was.  His voice was still so great and so was his musicianship but you do worry about that when you love a group.  However, their performance at Maxwell’s put those concerns to rest for now and I couldn’t have been happier.


Brett came out solo first, sitting on a stool with his acoustic guitar and urging the audience to be quiet.  When his voice hit the first few notes, this new song (One Church Town) rang into the air and the crowd settled immediately. It was beautiful. His voice is ALWAYS beautiful.  This was the first of several songs that premiered that night, making it truly special.  They also played loads of old favourites like Ruby, Mama and Heavy.


The band also seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves.  They pushed and shoved each other, horsing around all the while managing to somehow keep pace with the songs.


The best part about seeing Glorious Sons, is the quality of the songs. Their lyrics are stunning, the tunes are great and all around, this Kingston band holds true to the stereotype that there is something awesome in the water in K-Town. If they’re performing next you, I definitely encourage you to get out to their next show.


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