About This Blog

Most importantly, all views are my own.

This blog started out as a project for my digital history course during my Masters Course work at Western University.  In the beginning, it was just for class but two years later, I’ve kept the blog up and I love writing posts even if they’re bouncing out into digital nowhereland.

What you’ll find here

Well…I know blogging rules state you should find a niche and then narrow that niche. Well to hell with that.  I’ll write what I want! But most of all you’ll find history and music stuff here (often the two cross paths).

I hope you enjoy reading. Don’t forget to drop me a line!

Peace, love and history.

9 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. hey gabby i am a former classmate of yours, and i would like you to know that people do remember the small things you do for people. even something small i still remember.

  2. Hello! I am interested in what you are doing with “The Tillson Legacy.” I am currently doing a co-op with The Town of Tillsonburg and would love to have you join us for the “Inside Tillsonburg” segment on RogersTV. Please let me know if you would be interested in sharing what you’re doing with this campaign!

  3. Dear Gabrielle,

    I love your post on when you realize why you study history! I am a Belgian MA History student at Ghent University and I have been offered a place at Western University for the MA in Public History (2014-2015).

    I have also been offered a place at Royal Holloway College (University of London) in the UK, and the choice between the institutions is very hard to make. Therefore I would like to inform myself as much as possible. I find it very interesting and helpful to hear about the students’ experiences on the program. Would you like to share some of those experiences with me?

    Furthermore, I would personally like to develop my interest in historical film and documentary. Do you believe I would be able to develop this interest at Western? Is it easy to find an internship that suits your personal interests?

    Finally, as a Belgian student, I have never been to Canada (or to America as a whole). I do not know what to expect from London, Ontario. If you have an opinion about the city and student life, I would be happy to hear about it.

    If you want to, you can e-mail me (tamar.cachet@ugent.be). Thank you very much!
    Tamar Cachet

  4. Hi Gabrielle, It appears you are truly blinded by the exhaustive amount of historical and scientific facts written/spoken about by honest, good and brave men like Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, Fred Leuchter, Bradley Smith, David Irving, David Cole (to a lesser degree today because he sold-out due to being threatened with death for his past brilliance: Auschwitz doc) Germar Rudolf, etc., etc., etc. Anti-Semites? or in the case of David Cole, self-hating Jew?…. does not apply! I am not an anti-Semite yet I believe as they do. Here is a simple fact: You are merely feeding the people who conform to societal norms more tainted food for their liking. Cognitive dissonance is alive and well and Edward Bernays must be rolling over in his grave giddy! Job well done, mate! PS–What is your opinion on the six-million dead Jewish people when the Auschwitz sign now reads 1.1 million and we have been conditioned to believe most were of Jewish decent. Do you still hold firm to the numbers still spewed although facts support otherwise?

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your response. The problem with all the Holocaust Deniers (and I call them this because historical revisionism is a serious profession) lies mainly in their sources and emotional writing. Rather than using scholarly sources they rely on heresay and false experts. For example, in the first Ernst Zundel trial, one of the key witnesses claimed to be an execution expert. Well…upon calling his previous employers it turns out he most certainly was not. Additionally, let’s just say he was an execution master in the united states like he claims, how would that have an effect on him knowing what the Third Reich was capable of in gas chambers? People don’t freely share this type of information during war. Additionally, the majority of these “good and brave men” as you call them (please note there are no women on your list…why is that?) are not historians. Sure, some have PHDs and degrees but not in history where you learn in depth year after year how to be critical of sources. As for your 1.1 vs. 6 million question- no legitimate historian has ever claimed that 6 million were gassed, and definitely not at Auschwitz alone. Thank you for your time,

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