PLAYLISTS: Hear what I’m listening to

Work/Study Playlist
To me, there’s nothing more distracting than silence when you’re studying.  For the weirdos out there like me, here are some tracks I love for working.
1. Long May You Run- The Stills-Young Band
2. Wolves- Big Wreck
3. Passing the Hat- Cold War Kids
4. Grace Too- The Tragically Hip
5. Back to Black- Andre 3000 and Beyonce (The Great Gatsby Soundtrack)
6. Closer- Kings of Leon
7. Bridge to Nowhere- Sam Roberts
8. Dig- Incubus
9. Losing My Religion- R.E.M.
10. Cry Baby Cry- The Beatles

The Hippie Historian’s Playlist for Ungodly Hours
It’s 5am and you’re catching a bus somewhere. You’re getting ready for work. You’re just up for no reason at all. Bump this.
1. The Wakeup- How to Destroy Angels
2. Waiting for the World to End- Mother Mother
3. Impossible Winner- The Dead Weather
4. To Be Alone with You- Surfjan Stevens
5.Blind- Mega Bass
6. The Day the World Went Away- Nine Inch Nails
7. Rusted Wheel- Silver Sun Pickups
8. Living Room- Tegan and Sara
9. Morning Yearning- Ben Harper
10. Moving Pictures Silent Films- Great Lake Swimmers

Workout Playlist
Time to tone those buns ladies and gents! Here are my favs for a kickass sweat sesh.
1. Nail in my Coffin- The Kills
2. Everybody Knows that You’re Insane- Queens of the Stoneage
3. Killing in the Name Of- Rage Against the Machine
4. Radio- Beyonce
5. I Only Want You- Eagle of Death Metal
6. Bombs Over Baghdad- Outkast
7. Aeroplane- Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. United States of Eurasia- Muse (for that slow burn an build up)
9. The Downfall of Us- A Day to Remember
10. I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor- Arctic Monkeys
Cool Down Tracks:
1. Ice Age- How to Destroy Angels
2. First- Cold War Kids
3. Sometimes on a Sunday- Glorious Sons
4. Summer Skin- Death Cab for Cutie

Road Trip Playlist
Sure, the road trip playlist has been over done but is there any better place to listen to your favourite tunes than in your car on a crisp and sunny fall day with the windows down? No, no there’s not. Here are my favourite road trip jams!

  1. When the Levee Breaks- Led Zeppelin Covers Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy
  2. Future Starts Slow- The Kills
  3. Problems- Mother Mother
  4. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground- The White Stripes
  5. Break on Through- The Doors
  6. House of the Rising Sun- The Animals
  7. Fireside- Arctic Monkeys
  8. Sick Sick Sick- Queens of the Stone Age
  9. How Long- How to Destroy Angels
  10. Ten Tonne Skeleton- Royal Blood

Summer Nights Playlist
Make no mistake, this playlist is not set up for hard partying summer nights.  Rather, it’s for kicking back with a cold one on the dock or around a campfire.

  1. Wheat Kings- The Tragically Hip
    Possibly the perfect Canadian summer song.  Layout under those stars.
  2. Ballad of Hollis Brown- Nina Simone (Bob Dylan Cover)
    Hear that? It’s some pretty deep, soulful vibes and I’m digging it.
  3. Southern Man- Neil Young (Live at Massey Hall)
    Is there anything better than Neil Young? No. The answer is no.
  4. Going to California- Led Zeppelin
    This is possibly one of my favourite Zeppelin songs.  It’s hippie dippie, carefree style is perfect for those warm August nights.
  5. The Chain- Fleetwood Mac
    I don’t know what it is about this song that I love so much but I do.  The dusty guitar sound, the hollow voice of Stevie…it’s all good.
  6. Little Wing- Jimmi Hendrix
    In my opinion, Axis Bold as Love is literally the best album ever created. No more explanation required.
  7. Hayloft- Mother Mother
    This song may seem out of place on a list that is mostly mellow songs but it seems to suit the weather to me.
  8. Sunday Morning- The Velvet Underground
    I realize the irony that I have a morning song on a Summer Nights playlist but it’s my list and I’ll do what I want to hehe…
  9. I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song- Jim Croce
    You just don’t get odes to love like this everyday.
  10. No Ceiling- Eddie Vedder (Into the Wild Soundtrack)
    This is one of the most brilliant tracks off the Into the Wild soundtrack done by Eddie.

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